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    Chapter 1: The Rifts



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    Chapter 1: The Rifts

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    Alexender Ward

    “....for me baby, I’ll be diddy you be Naomi. Waoh fucking crazy I-I-I-I-I-I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean!..” The chorus contained enough of a catchy rhythm that most would join reciting, but Alex’s mind was elsewhere. Hanging from the visor, two tickets bobbed with the car's chassis over the uneven pavement, their purpose now exhausted. A perplexed look was plastered across his face, thoughts trailing to the events of the day . This deject feeling has never wandered into his mind or heart before, but right now...it rang loud and clear through his existence .

    “I can’t understand how I failed. It always has worked for me in the past. But I never even took into consideration….”

    As he thought on it, the obvious signs, once ignored, begun to become more apparent. The light turned green and instinctively he laid on the gas, accelerating the black Jeep Liberty out into traffic.

    Instinctively he followed the route that lead back to his off-campus apartment, turning and halting when needed, not requiring any really concentration. His eyes were glazed over in thought, pondering how someone could so easily dismiss him, especially without a second thought.

    *Cell Phone Melody*

    Swiftly Alex plucked the phone from his center console, causing him to swerve into the left lane. Putting the phone to his ear,

    “Hey mom, what’s going on?... I know, I just finished on campus and am on my way home… I’ll be doing laundry tomorrow night, I can survive another day on this pair of jeans...Mom, I know”

    As the verbal parental questionnaire was being filled out for this week, Alex finally took notice to his surrounding and the realization settled in. He wasn’t able to make his turn from here.

    “Hey mom, I need to go. I just passed my street without even paying attention....yes Mom I know I should be more aware while driving… Mom...Mother.... LOIS I’m hanging up, I need to go. Love you.”

    He pressed the red button and discarded it in the passenger seat. Sighing in frustration and aggravation, he activated his mental navigation system. Unbeknownst to him, turning right would have grave consequences. Desmond Ave, home to the city’s most popular bars and clubs, now served as the set for the latest sci-fi film. Planted into the brick foundation of the Shade’s Den, a space void of light wrapped itself up the building. Alex’s eyes grew wide as all the patrons fled from the hole in reality, but that was a futile task. All the streets debris begun to flow into the opening, each time a spark of violet would flow around the field. Soon even those unfortunate to be on the streets were being plucked off their feet and into the chasm.

    Instinctively Alex laid on the brakes and screeched to a stop a few venues from the anomaly. In a desperate attempt to retreat, he moved the stick until it lite up “R”. Not a second later, he collided with a palpable golden car.

    “Fucking taxis! That mother fucker is going to be repairing all the damages to my baby!”

    The rage made him momentarily forget about the scene in front of him.It wasn’t til someone flew past him and caught hold of his sideview mirror that he was brought out of his rage. Jamming his finger on the button he rolled down the window and reached for the female’s hands. Another body flew past and hit the girl straight on, causing both to stumble into the void.

    “Holy fuck, this is all a dream! This can’t be really happening….”

    His car lurched towards the remains of Shade’s Den,

    “No! No! No! Noooo!!!”

    He pulled the emergency break quickly, but that only works when your vehicle is grounded, and for Alex, that option has been removed for him. Spiraling forwards, the darkness came closer and closer into view. Lookin in the rearview mirror, he saw the world succumbing to this chaos. Right before all sight become clouded, the last sight he had was the golden coating of the taxi.

    “Fucking taxis…” he mumbled before his senses were robbed.

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    Rave Greyson

    He walked through the mall and sighed. Why did people come to places like this?
    A wall of human bodies slowly meandered without purpose in front of him and his irritation grew. He looked back and forth for an opening in their defenses and seeing none, decided to hop on to the glass divider barring customers from careening to their deaths four floors below. People pointed and squealed with shock and fear as he deftly placed one foot after another without pause to circumnavigate the stragglers.
    That's better, the sooner I can buy this jacket the better...
    His friend had texted him the image of the jacket and given him the money and while Rave could acknowledge that the jacket was pretty bad ass looking, he couldn't fathom dropping this kind of cash on something so trivial. Rave owed Helix though, and he absolutely hated letting anyone hold leverage over him. Rave checked his cell phone one more time to confirm the jacket and saw another text had come in.
    Make sure you get it by 6:30 I have a date, I got to have this jacket man.
    Rave eyed the text coldly and didn't bother responding, he'd already promised Helix he would have the damn thing. Rave walked into the store and was instantly greeted by a salesman.
    "Hi welcome to-"
    "-I'm just looking thanks," Rave said flatly and sidestepped him. Rave could practically hear Helix now,
    They need commission Rave, have some compassion, damn."
    Rave located the jacket and thumbed through them looking for the right size.
    Hmmm, this one seemed right, but to be sure... Rave slipped into the jacket and couldn't help but revel at the sleek inner lining. It was a little tight in the chest area but Rave was slightly more built than Helix. Something Rave never let Helix live down. Satisfied, Rave began to remove the jacket when screams rang through the mall.
    "What the fuck?" the retailer from before yelled as he ran outside.
    Rave ran out after him and his eye's followed to where everyone was pointing and exclaiming in amazement.
    "What the..." Rave breathed in astonishment as he stared below.
    It looked like someone had taken a cookie cutter to reality and carved out a perfect black circle as streaks of violet electricity shot off from its interior. Shoppers stood transfixed and several snapped pictures with their phones.
    Nobody moved-
    -until the option was taken away from them.
    Someone had turned on the vacuum function as gravity changed course and the people below were swept off their feet and into the void. Pandemonium broke out and people fled and screamed in every direction as the pressure began to increase more and more. Rave wasted no time in sprinting away and into the clothing store where he demanded that the manager shut the gates. Too shocked to question, a middle aged man scrambled forward and punched in a series of digits before the gates descended and they were locked inside. Rave watched as the crowd tripped and stumbled over one another, crushing masses of bodies beneath them- most of which were children. Several shoppers screamed and thrashed against the store's gates demanding that Rave let them in but he just shrugged. The void had continued to grow stronger and Rave watched as a woman carrying an infant was suddenly swept off her feet screaming as she and her baby were pulled into the rift. Even Rave began to feel the air begin to shift and drag inexorably into the hungry maw. He pulled away from the gates and towards the back of the store where he grabbed on to the heaviest clothes rack he could find.
    What the fuck am I doing? I have no clue if that thing is going to exhaust its energy or if I'm just waiting to be on the bottom of the death count…
    His phone suddenly began vibrating uncontrollably as a flood of text messages came pouring in.
    Rave are you at the mall?
    Where are you?
    Answer me!
    Hey! Is everything okay?
    Hey I just got here-

    "Damn it Helix! You idiot!" Rave closed his eyes and growled at his friend's stupidity.
    Before Rave was even aware of it he was already moving towards the manager with the metal rod used to reach clothes on the upper hooks. "Open the gate.


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    Into the Void

    Post by Tyrenell on Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:36 am

    Helix Cambridge

    People were screaming as they tore past Helix and he just barely managed to lurch to the right to avoid being crushed.
    This is some Black Friday shit...
    Helix scrambled up onto a table then hopped and caught the ledge of a starbuck's kiosk roof before hauling himself up on to its surface.
    "RAVE!" He shouted but it was lost within the cacophony of panicking civilians.
    That was when he saw it-
    A black hole sitting in the middle of the store.
    "Well that's a new display..." he whistled.
    Violet lightning streaked forward and he threw himself to the ground as it struck behind him.
    A battle cry rang out from directly behind him where the lightning had struck and once more quick reflexes saved him as a scimitar rent the air just millimeters from where his neck had been.
    A cloaked figure in almost gypsy like robes pressed the attack against him as Helix raised his hands to try and ward himself.
    Another scream as the air around his assailant seemed to liquefy and the man sank to his knees as his flesh dissolved from his body.
    The putrid smell of decaying flesh made Helix's insides churn as he looked away in disgust, failing to realize the man's final last effort charge


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    Rave Grayson
    Rave heard his name being yelled and he looked down towards the sound to find helix atop a starbucks.
    A figure materialized from the lightning and slashed at Helix who narrowly avoided it.
    The man moved to strike again but suddenly staggered back as if burned and Helix turned away.
    Rave saw all to soon his friend's folly and he vaulted over the railing's edge without thinking to stop the deathblow.
    Rave's boots met with a satisfying crunch as he planted both feet into the man's back before he tumbled to break his fall.
    Helix gaped at him.
    "You're welcome, dumb ass." Rave smirked.
    "You just jumped from 4 stories up...how the hell are you uninjured?"
    That did seem a little strange... Rave had barely felt shock impact.
    "Adrenaline? The real question is what did you do to this guy? Throw Hollister cologne on him? His damn skin looks like pudding."
    "Ugh don't remind me, I have no fucking clue why his skin decided to jump ship."
    "It doesn't matter, we need to get-"
    Rave's jacket suddenly fanned out into the air before his boots left the floor entirely and he simply stared at Helix blankly as an invisible hand lifted him away.
    Helix's hand shot out and grabbed hold of Rave's wrist as he struggled to hold Rave like a kite string.
    "Let go idiot!" Rave roared as Helix's boots skid across the roof.
    Helix smiled at him, "Guess I'll be missing that date."
    With that, Helix kicked off the floor and they went soaring through the air and deep down into darkness.


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    Rave blinked awake sleepily as sensation flooded his body and he thought he would be sick.
    A hand touched his shoulder gently, "Hear smell this, it helps with the nausea."
    A single, pristine, snowy flower was presented to him and he inhaled the aroma without meaning to. Instantly, he felt more at ease and the sensation to upchuck dissipated.
    "Thanks... how did you know-?"
    "I don't have flowers like this back in my world."
    "Back in your..."
    Rave's eyes focused in on the hand grasping the flower in front of him.
    The skin was pale and smooth, well, aside from the diamond-like scales that covered her knuckles and spiraled up her arms in vine-like patterns. His eyes traced the scales up to a mane of frost white hair to piercing violet eyes. Her eyes were both soft, and yet powerful beyond her years all at the same time as she affixed him curiously. Her lips stood out in stark contrast to her pale skin, a deep violet hue ringed by dark black kohl.
    He'd never seen anyone more beautiful in his life. She wasn't a traditional beauty like hollywood stars, but something more. Something ethereal that couldn't possibly exist outside a mere fragment of time before that time ravaged it. Yet somehow...
    "Am I dead?" He blurted out and immediately felt stupid as she tilted her head.
    "What an odd thing to say... no we are both alive. You are quite the strange one scaleless one."
    He stood up feeling suddenly much less than this gossamer beauty as he dusted off his hands on his jeans and felt two sheathes at his hips.
    "The hell did these come from?"
    She nodded to him and produced a rapier from her side.
    "I too awoke with this," she turned her eyes to her right and nodded, "It would seem our captors wish for us to fight."
    Another gypsy like blade fighter ran towards them at breakneck speed.
    Rave drew his blades and something felt right about their weight in his hands.
    She placed a hand on his chest, "Allow me."
    She traced a symbol in the air and called out a name.
    /ma "Blade Spirit" ---> <Genesis Wielder>
    A slender figure appeared brandishing a dueling saber appeared and the light diffused as its blade arced through the air. It struck the man a blow across his chest and quicker than the space of an instant the woman darted behind and struck true with her rapier.
    The man fell to his knees before crumpling to his side.
    She walked straight through the blade wielder and his image wavered like smoke as she stood beside me.
    "We should travel together, safety in numbers until we find out where we are."
    Rave didn't need any convincing.
    He gestured towards the swordsman, "How did you do that? Do your people have that kind of power?"
    She looked towards his gesture, "You mean the phantom? No, we Eosamir do not have such magicks, do you not feel it? We have...changed."
    "I do feel... stronger. I'll have to test out the physics of this world."
    "Physics?" She questioned.
    "Er.. laws."
    She nodded, "The word you spoke had no meaning in my language-"
    "-Language! That's right, how do you speak English?"
    "English? That word holds no meaning to me. I speak Grammarye."
    She seemed to finally notice too.
    "Along with these-powers... is some kind of universal translator."
    "This is sounding more and more like one of Helix's videogames..." he murmured.
    "Videogames?" She said the word tentatively, as if testing the way her lips should form it.
    It was kind of...well absolutely adorable.
    "Never mind. Did you come here with anyone else? I have to find my friend."
    She shook her head. "I was traveling to the temple when this gate appeared and several of us were abducted, but I understand. I shall help you find your lover."
    Rave blinked, "Lover? No we are friends."
    "Yes, lovers."
    "Do you not have a word for friend? Like..acquaintance, companion?"
    She stared at him warily, "We Eosamir are a solitary people, we only choose to seek the company of those we consider powerful mates, or in times of war. Our power is dangerous to gather together."
    "I see... regardless we have to find my- we have to find Helix."
    "Are men of your race able to procreate with one another scaleless one?"
    "No- just-no."
    She peered closer, "You are flustered? You remind me of young Eosamir in the spring that have yet to learn to control their Ardor."
    "Let's just start over," he said with great exasperation, "My name is Rave."
    "Perhaps it is destiny that we met, our names are similar. I am Faye."
    He chuckled, "That's a funny way of thinking about it."
    She quirked her head, "Grammarye is very powerful. Words shape reality."
    "Shaping reality... how did you know about that new power you have?"
    "I took a moment of meditation to center myself and in this world our psyche is able to manifest, try it."
    Well the woman was part dragon and able to create phantoms, may as well trust in the crazy a little more.
    Rave closed his eyes and focused on his breathing.
    He thought about the new sensations in his body, and the new strength he felt and he wanted to know more about the current status of his health like he always had in the real world and then it happened.
    All around him he saw menus and parameters. Equipment slots, weapon skills, abilities, magic, attributes.
    They really were inside one of Helix's videogames...
    Listed under magick was the word Burn.
    When his hand reached towards it he felt like a memory had surfaced from deep within him and he saw a hand symbol.
    I'll keep that in mind.
    This was all so damned crazy- crazy like being sucked into a black hole.
    "Let's start by finding a source of water, that's the most important thing for survival. Then we can organize a search."
    "Adequate logic scaleless one."


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    Re: Chapter 1: The Rifts

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    Clara Owens

    “You will need to make sure that all of the staff is functioning to their maximum output. Their is no room for delay in production but the most essential point is that you watch them like hawks Mrs Owens. If what we produce isn’t up to the patron’s standards, then it is my name that is beshamed! And I’m sure you are intelligent enough to realize what I will end up doing to you. Now out of all the applications for this position, you were the most qualified...but don’t mistake that as being right for the position. Do I make myself clear?”

    She signaled the woman, who has exceeded her daily carb intake five times over, of her understanding with a clearly mechanical like nod, followed by a monotone,

    “Yes Madame Duff”

    “Perfect darling, you will be starting and showing us your talents now.” Shoving the double oak door open, she lead way into one of the kitchens who has produced subsidence for countless celebrities and political figures. “Welcome to my kitchen, if anything is scratched, stolen, or destroyed, it’s your head on the line. Keep that in mind as it’s very essential for retaining your title, especially since I inspect at the end of each day. Now without further hesitation” she rotated her self, in a manner that resembled waddling, and seized the attention of the entire kitchen staff “This is Clara Owens, she has been assigned as my sous chef. Any issues, go to her. I receive any complaints, your head is mine. Now back to work, we have a restaurant to run, not a diner!”

    With that, she left and side stepped her bulkish figure through the opened door. Clara, turned towards her now colleagues and was in disbelief as the staff now stared her down, waiting for any sign or command she would give to them.

    “You heard the lady, lets get to work! You four get working on preparing the red meats, poultry, and fish! Ladies, I need vegetables and fruits all chopped and ready for the other stations to prep with. Pastries! Make sure those ovens are preheating and the dough is covered. Staff we are here to deliver the finest cuisine on this side of the continent. If we are to uphold the name of this establishment, it requires each of you to push your limits and not let any mistakes be made. Now we got customers, honor my first shift by making it flawless!”

    A small roar of clapping emerged from the kitchen, as everyone was applauding her speech from their designated stations. Holding back her overwhelmed enthusiasm, her lips never perked into a grin or a smile, but instead held the cold composer as their superior.

    Metal clattering could be heard reverberating through the kitchen, orders were pouring in from the fully booked dining room. At the end of the opposite end of the kitchen where the servers picked up the food, was a three foot gap allowing and ideal view of the diners and the satisfied smirks upon their faces. Appetizers were successfully dispatched to their designated tables, and entrees were all but sent out. The last thing that needed to be served were the patron’s choices of desserts: creme brulee, traditional styled apple pie, a fruit bowl topped with a berry creme sauce, and a chocolate mousse cheesecake.

    Clara made sure that every dish that exited the kitchen was flawless, still hot, perfectly garnished and cooked to specification. This crew was exceptionally well but to be employed at such a prestigious restaurant, you had to be. The plates of desserts each looked immaculate and lacked any flaws, the crew did well to pour the last of their energy into these marvels. Passing out another creme brulee to the server, Clara turned and began scanning for the remaining orders. Plucking the order receipt between her fingers, she read down the description of the next meal.

    Before her eyes could scan the last of the order, an unknown force overpowered her loose grasp  and flew behind her. Instinctively she reached out towards the paper, causing her to look out upon the restaurant.

    “Holy shit.” Her grey eyes dilated and the black hair begun to brush in front of her face. Beyond  the counter and the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room, a black mass had formed in the center of the room. All the patrons started to scramble back and away from the expanding vortex. Vaulting over tables, tripping over the wooden stools, they were forced to dodge plates, utensils, and unfinished meals, all of which was being pulled into the vortex. An eerie purple begun to pulsate from the rift, each time pulling in larger masses. Furniture, decorations, personal effects, and eventually people, one by one disappeared.

    Clara was frozen as she watched her customers flee and shriek in terror. Her new job was quickly ending, as was the lives of everyone in the building. Bursting through the kitchen doors, Madame Duff broke in wide eyed,

    “What did you do to my restaurant?!?” another pulse, Madame Duff shifted off her feet. “Wait what?” Her feet left the ground as the force pulled her through the kitchen and lodging her between the window to the restaurant. “Someone help me!”

    Clara couldn’t help but smirk at this woman’s karma returning to her in full, or at least this is what she believed until she felt her own legs give way. Making contact with Madame Duff’s face, the force dislodged both of them and sent their bodies flying towards the vortex. In a last ditch attempt to save herself, Clara reached for one of the Matradee’s podiums that were bolted into the floor. Fingers grazing the edges of the mahogany wood, her nails leaving shallow scratches before passing through the rift.

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    Helix found himself laying in a stream. The cold water had reinvigorated him but the reality of what had happened left him stunned.
    Did I...die?
    This world was beautiful. Everything seemed to be saturated with more...color, more life, more...existence.
    "So this is...heaven?"
    "Heaven? What kind of dimension is that?"
    Helix spun and crouched defensively to brace for a threat and he found a man just as bewildered looking as himself.
    "I know you're afraid, but I have no reason to harm you, I'm just as confused about all of this as you."
    The man was incredibly handsome, but what was more captivating than his blonde hair and emerald eyes were his...wings?
    Extending from the man's back appeared to be condensed light that plumed out into something similar to wings.
    "You do not possess Existentia...what are you?" He asked.
    "You took the words out of my-"
    The man charged me and tackled me to the ground.
    "The hell are you-"
    He rolled with me as a dagger embedded itself into the earth where we had just lain.
    He pulled me to my feet, "We need to run!"
    I sprinted after him as seven robed figures chased us.
    "Hmph, pathetic, what are you doing..."
    A woman stood directly in the path before us.
    Wings extended from her back too, but these were corporeal, they looked like-
    Angel wings?
    Seriously, did I miss the free wing handout?
    She held her hands aloft and light gathered around her form.
    /ma "Photon" ----> <Genesis Wielder>
    Light exploded from the middle of our pursuers and at its center a body collapsed to the ground dead.
    A small creature poked its head from around her wings and traced a symbol in the air.
    /ma "Ensorcel" --> <Genesis Wielder>
    as light shot past us and struck another.
    She called out Photon once more and light exploded on the target her companion had struck and he collapsed to the ground.
    "Well come on then, don't just stand there, use your magick."
    "Magick? What are you talking about!?"
    "Use your menus obviously," she said derisively before firing more light into their ranks.
    "Menu?" Status screens appeared all around Helix straight out of an online videogame.
    He didn't waste time being in awe as he quickly thought of what she'd said.
    As the word magick formed in his head for him to search the menu pivoted and a list appeared in front of him.
    A memory, as if I had done this spell a million times was evoked in my thoughts and it seemed the most natural thing in the world.
    I drew my hands together and focused.
    /ma "Deteriorate" --> <Genesis Wielder>
    The air liquefied like back at the mall and the man hissed in pain as his flesh began to dissolve.
    Light struck him from behind me and he dropped to the ground.
    "Well done Kirin," I heard her voice from behind me.
    The last three leapt into the air and spiraled down towards us.
    The man beside me dashed forward and held forth his hands.
    /ma "Force Wave" --> <Genesis Wielders>
    A ripple exploded through the air and sent them catapulting backwards.
    "Hmm so you two aren't completely hopeless after all."


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    Re: Chapter 1: The Rifts

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    The beams danced their way through the leaves, gracing his tan skin before refracting off the sterling eyes. His eyes were flickering open and adjusting to the light, the muscles within his body ached. Pulling himself up from the ground, the boy noticed that he was infact perched up on a tree branch.

    “How’d I get up h-..” Quickly he placed his palm to his temple, as agony pulsed throughout his mind. “Crap, what happened to me.”

    Pushing a few strands of white hair from his face, he leapt ten feet below before his feet crunched against the leaves that have floated to the ground. Paxton tried to comprehend his current location, bending over he placed the tips of his fingers into the ground. Nothing. This composition was foreign to him, meaning so was this realm. Standing up, he took notice of the pigments in the plants and the shapes of the leaves.

    “The foliage contained in this forest. How peculiar…I recognize none of it.” The hues in the planets were bolder and more pronounced, along with other irregular physical characteristics. Closing his eyes, he concentrated, thinking of any plants that these could possibly have evolved from. Breathing in deep, he performed a series of hand motions that were commonly used in his environment as festival tricks. Finishing with the final hand gesture, he pointed at the ground, willing a multicolored eight petal flower to appear. The ground refused to cooperate for him, taking no action or showing no sign of producing the flower. "Even my standard nature magick is voided out. The magick that flows from the ground has altered... but I can sense something..."

    Taking a seat upon a fallen log, Paxton breathed slowly, trying to center himself and connect to nature. After a few agonizing minutes, he reopened his eye. A transparent list now hung in his peripheral vision, suspended in the air. Reaching out hesitantly, Paxton pointed his finger and saw the menus responding to his touch. Pulling with his fingers, he begun maneuvering his finger in the air, the menu mimicking the action. Scrolling along the he passed tabs labeled Reflection, Inventory, Contacts, before settling upon the tab labeled “Skills”. Confusion fogged his mind, especially when he saw only one bar that wasn’t shadowed out. Airlance He wasn’t quite sure the meaning but pushed his fingers to it out of curiosity. A moment of soothing clarity rushed into his agonizing mind, as if a piece of a puzzle found its place. “What the-” he targeted a nearby tree.

    /ma “Airlance → <Rock>

    Above his head the air compressed together forming a single eight foot long lance, air currents whirling around its length before flying full force at the target. Upon impact, it left a sizable six inch crater in the solid rock. Paxton backed away from the rock, baffled by the damage he just invoked upon the mineral. Quickly he turned away, choosing to move away from the area in case anyone heard the sound, and hurried towards an unmistakable sound: trickling water.

    “Guess this shall be as good enough place.”

    This world shared many similarities to the world he was well acquainted with, that most wouldn’t notice. Paxton made sure to keep his eyes peeled as he trekked his way along the river bed. His first goal was to find another person, he required answers. If lucky a village would be more prefered, but in this type of situation, couldn’t be too picky. Looking up at the sky, he figured the world had just started it’s daily solar cycle. When the sun gets closer to setting, Paxton figured he would need to set up a small campsite. But his thought became interrupted as a low rumbling noise with a piercing rattling could be heard off in the distance.

    Hopefully foreign, it may provide me with some insight thoughts.

    Breaking into a sprint, he made his way towards the monstrous noise. His feet navigated over the land, not getting caught on any protruding branches, irregular rock, or any other obstacles that’d impair others movement speed. Coming up to a small clearing a lone figure stood against one of the trees, long black hair draped over her face.

    “Hello?” Paxton yelled from his position before striding towards the girl. “Pardon me but do you know where we are or anything about this realm?”

    Before Paxton had time to react, the girl turned to him, her face full of confusion and concern. Her skin was pale and lacked any traces of wooden features, her physique much more slender than the women he’s accustomed too.

    “What.. are you? Your arms and eyes and...what the hell is going on?” The girl’s voice trembled, her mind on borderline shock. “Your skin…. it looks like bark? Your arms they are trees!”

    Clara was having a harder time coming to grasp on what has transpired. This mixture of waking in a new world and this humanoid tree was becoming more overwhelming.

    “I’m uncertain of what you are implying but I’m a Dryad. I could question you of the same rude questions but will refrain from it.”

    Before this conversation could drag out any longer, from across the clearing, a black smokey blur was converging on their location. Instinctively Paxton reached out his hands, as if trying to will the project to stop.

    /ma “Airlance” → <Foreign Object>

    Forming above him, the eight foot lance materialized out of the air. Along the shaft of the lance, the currents built up and propelled itself towards the incoming intrusion. Within seconds, contact could be confirmed with a small popping noise, but the monster wouldn’t stop charging at them.

    “Female, if you have any abilities to stop the charging beast, now would be an optimal time to use them!.”

    “I….I don’t know!”

    “Look in your menu and find your skill!”

    “I saw something earlier when I first got here but I thought it was just an illusion! All I did was click on something called ‘Gravity’!” Instinctively her hands shot towards the incoming enemy.
    /ma “Gravity” → <Foreign Object>

    Watching, a purple hue emanated around the black shadow in a sphere. Within seconds, the object’s momentum dissolved, as it seemed to bury its “feet” into the ground. Inches away from their position the fireball halted. Paxton had never seen anything so… bizarre and Clara also looked oddly at it.

    “A Jeep Liberty?” She peered through the windshield and saw a teenage boy unconsciously dangling over the steering wheel.

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    Post by Tyrenell on Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:09 pm

    We had finally discovered a small lake and sank down wearily at the water's edge.

    I drank greedily from the crisp water before having the afterthought about drinking otherworldly water...

    "Well, we don't really have much choice now do we?" she smiled before drinking her fill.

    "This world is hospitable at least," she said.

    I nodded, "But I still have no idea where Helix is, and if more of those genesis guys show up- well I was lucky to have run in to you."

    "Well you both entered this world simultaneously correct? Therefore it stands to reason he ended up nearby.

    Her eyes scanned about and she pointed towards the base of a cliff side.

    "Let us ascend and get a dragon's eye view of our surroundings, it will also help us to complete our mini maps and get a sense of where we've been."

    I'd heard the reference from helix many times.
    I concentrated and brought up the menu before panning to mini map and surely enough our handy little interface had been gifted with a gps system.

    I was able to see myself and Faye as blue side-by-side dots and what little area of this expansive map we'd covered. More than 95% of the map was still obscured.

    "Rave, keep your wits about you," she said cautiously.

    I closed the map and saw wolves approaching us.

    She moved forward but I halted her.

    "You took care of the first batch, allow me."

    I crouched low and sprinted forward, locking eyes with the largest and clearly the alpha.

    Exhilaration raced through me.

    'ma "Burn" ---> <Alpha Black Wolf>


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    There seemed to be no end to them.
    I examined my status bar as the woman had instructed and saw that my mana was nearly depleted.

    "We need to get out of here!"

    The woman nodded her agreement wholeheartedly, "I've just about hit my limits too," she pointed towards the mountains, "Seems we are all casters here, we would be much more suited to some higher ground."

    She sprinted off in the direction and the two of us didn't waste time as several more blades were launched our way.

    I breathed heavily with my hands on my knees. "Thanks...you really... bailed us out...Miss?" I wheezed.

    "Hmm what a weak constitution you have," she said as she inspected me like an appraiser sizing up a piece of jewelry, "Miss doesn't suit me as I am quite young and radiant. Call me Violetta."

    "I'm Helix."

    We both turned to the man who had remained resolute and silent this whole time.

    "Mikhail." His voice was very deep and gravelly, a stark contrast to the gossamer plumes of light that extended from his back.

    "Have you encounted any others?" I asked eagerly, hoping one of them may have encountered Rave.

    She shook her head, "Kirin here is the only other being I've met aside from the sword toting brutes, you guys and well those two climbing that cliff behind you."

    I spun around and saw him-



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    Re: Chapter 1: The Rifts

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    Staring down at her hands, Clara could feel the faint sensation from the skill she just casted. But she truly couldn’t wrap her mind around the recent events. Where she was, the strange beings, the abilities she now controlled, but the Jeep Liberty was something she was familiar with. Quickly she ran around the side of the car, and yanked open the door, revealing a teenage boy lurched over the steering wheel. Reaching out for his shoulder, Clara jostled him slightly in an attempt to awaken him from his slumber.

    “Do you know our attacker?” The voice emanated from behind her.

    “Not a clue, but unlike you he’s a human being. Probably late teens, early twenties. Student. And more importantly, I doubt that he intentionally aimed his car at our position.”

    “What is a ‘Car’?” Paxton’s facial expressions showed he wasn’t kidding, he lacked any knowledge on automobiles.

    “Don’t worry about-” The body in the car began to stir, eyes peeling back to reveal his maroon eyes. Pieces of glass and other debris lingered in the white hair and his attire. “Hey there are you alright?” Clara reached out towards him… but retracted when she noticed the fear in his eyes. “It’s all right, we aren’t going to hurt you. We are in a similar boat as you, but don’t be frightened by this guy's appearance.” Clara pointed towards her...comrade? “This is...what is your name actually?”

    “I’m Paxton, my people are known as Dryad and I serve as a guardian for the newborns of my race. Please don’t let my physique alarm your soft meaty bodies.”

    “I’m Clara, a sous chef over on the west coast. You are alright? Right?”

    “Yes...but...where are we? And God my head is killing me. Alex, my name is Alexander and ugh.” His hand reached for his head. “I’m a student and…” an arrow lodged itself into the metal car frame. All heads looked towards the clearing where the car originated from. A group of seven figures appeared, each banishing titles of Genesis Archer or Genesis Mage.

    “Let’s assume that these guys aren’t going to clarify anything for us. We need to bolt guys.” Alex said getting up from the driver seat. Everyone nodded in agreement.

    “Follow in my path, we can take a route up the river. Clara female, we need to try and slow them down. Are you capable of recasting your spell?”

    “I shall give it a try.”

    /ma “Gravity” → <Genesis Mage>

    The same sensation from before rushed through her fingertips and the glow appeared around the target.

    /ma “Airlance” → <Genesis Archer>

    The lance reappeared an impaled itself in the archer’s chest cavity before dropping to the ground.

    “Keep it up you two while moving, we need the distance now.” Everyone broke into a sprint, periodically stopping to recast the spells. After a few minutes of this tactic, they reached the river and began sprinting North along the banks. By now only four targets pursued them, but neither could cast any more spells. The river banks soon became steeper and in the distance, a waterfall was coming into view. “We kinda just backed ourselves into a corner, need to make a stand here or we are screwed.”

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    Re: Chapter 1: The Rifts

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